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When you are on the look out for a new place to wager on sports or play slots. You may spend a lot of time worrying about a site’s reputation among players, you may well be concerned with a site’s rogue status or position on blacklists, the fairness of their software, and their ability to pay you if you should happen to win. One simple way to make a sense of a site’s performance in all these categories is to consider the validity of their gambling license.

If a site holds a license from a reputable jurisdiction, the are guaranteed to run fair software that is tested a few times a year by their licensor. Their finances are checked and vetted by that licensing body as well – and you can get a good sense of a site’s overall reputation by what country licenses its games as well. Basically, you can learn a lot about a site’s value by researching the country that regulates their betting services.

Not all licensing bodies are created equal. Spend some time digging deeper about the groups mentioned above, and don’t neglect consideration of a site’s gaming license the next time you are shopping for a place to bet or play.

For example countries often apply their own laws. Recently the Philippines announced that if you are a Philippine Citizen then you cannot gamble online. We suggest that you make every effort to find out what you can or can do legally where ever you are.

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